A vital element of various industries and businesses is commercial chiller install. These chillers help to keep individual rooms and entire buildings cooled to the right temperature. This stops other types of equipment from overheating. Additionally, they are often fully integrated with various other procedures and processes. So just what do commercial chillers do, what types are out there and how are they used?

What Is Commercial Chiller Install?

The process of commercial chiller install is highly complex. It involves condensers, pumps, pipes and various other elements that create a full cooling system. These systems often use water vapour, although some use absorption. They do this to take the heat out of various liquids, including glycol, lithium bromide solution, water, inhibitors or others. Air, evaporation or water can be used by the systems to enable it to cool this liquid.

The Various Commercial Chiller Systems

An absorption chiller is made out of six different parts. These are the solution pump, the heat exchanger, the generator, the evaporator, the condenser and the absorber. First, the heat exchanger is pumped full with liquid, which then gets heated. This then flows through various tubes, each of which contain either steam or hot water. This is heated to the point of boiling and this then causes steam to be released into the condenser. The solution used generally contains lithium bromide, which is then returned to the heat exchanger. Inside the condenser, the steam is once again cooled, leaving moisture to collect at the bottom. The lithium bromide then travels through both the evaporator and absorber, before heading back to the solution pump. The process is cyclical and just repeats itself from there.

Some industrial coolers use vapour compression. Here, pressurised liquid is used which is boiled to the point that it becomes dry, which is known as saturated vapour. It then travels through a turbine, which causes it to cool down and lose pressure. The turbine sends it to the condenser where it saturates and cools again. These types of systems can use one of five different compressors, being centrifugal, turbines, screw-driven, reciprocating or scroll. Additionally, for power, they use electric, gas or steam.

The Different Commercial Chiller Systems

There are two main styles of chiller systems. Firstly, there is the closed loop, which mixes fluid with various additives, which are held at a specified temperature and pressure. It goes through the system in a continuous circle, during which fluid travels through the different elements. The other option is the open loop, where liquid comes out of a large tank. These generally use water for cooling, but some use air instead.

It cannot be stressed enough how important industrial coolers are in terms of keeping a building at the right temperature. They may come in various styles and types, but they all have this same function. It is also vital, therefore, that commercial chillers are maintained and serviced regularly and properly, in order to keep them functioning at optimum levels.

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