Photocopiers- Big Boost to your Profit Margin
The history of the photocopiers goes back around 70 years. In the recent times, they are becoming immensely popular among the aspiring entrepreneurs, marketers and all sorts of people who have to indulge in scanning and printing process. In the past, they were considered as a piece of comfort for the office workers, but now they have become an invariable asset in the terms of business. It is almost impossible to function without them, even for a single day.

What is a Photocopier:
Photocopier should not be confused with the Xerox machine. The photocopier is a machine that makes paper copies of documents, files, graphics and other online stuff at a quick pace. It is relatively cheap to use, and that is why people are opting it for many years. Other name for this machine is a copier or copy machine.

The usage of a photocopier depends on the types of business that you are into. It depends on the quantity and kind of copying that you are doing on the daily basis. If you are having a small enterprise and few documents like bills and accounts, then you might not need a highly technical photocopier. Reason being, they come in various sizes and technicalities.
The big companies need higher quantities of printing. Those who are already in the printing business need to have huge models of photocopiers which deliver an effective and speedy printing of sheets. As the photocopiers vary, their printing speed also tends to be different.
Types of Photocopiers:
Several kinds of photocopier machines have developed during the recent years. They are,

• Analog:
Analog copiers are somewhat traditional in usage. They use lights, lenses and mirrors to replicate the image of the file placed on the base of the machine upon the photo receptor for the printing process. However, they are prone to mechanical malfunction and are not usually preferred by the marketers.

• Network Copiers:
According to its name, this copier machine can be connected to the official networks for remote printing, scan-to functionality and computer faxing. In most of the multifunction and digital machines, a customary network card is built in, or else you can purchase it as an alternative.
As this is an age of competition, businesses need to work fast, so the function of the network copying has become invariable in the modern photocopiers. It has now taken a reputed position as an office printer in the multinational companies. You can make use of its branded features like assemble, double side, a stapled bunch of files and documents, from your Mac or office computers.

• Color Copiers:
Coloured documents add more grandeur to your presentation. There are multifunctional coloured copiers which can print the graphics and documents in colour and black and white too.
Those who are engaged in business and marketing, use the business color copiers and multi functional machines contain four tones reservoir of the cartridge. They contain 4 basic colours namely yellow, cyan, magenta and black. You can create other colours by mixing these four.
Be it your office, any professional area or in the methods of multiple copying content, the color Photocopiers Melbourne tends to offer their customers with striking coloured copies and prints of documents from Copywell Australia at an affordable price range.

• Mono Photocopiers:
Only the black colour is used by this machine, and that is why it is aptly named as mono. People do use this for their office work as they come in different volumes and varied capacity. Some mono models can even copy hundred pages. So, it is obviously beneficial for the marketers and businessmen.
Amazing Functions in Modern Times: Photocopiers are indeed becoming a bosom friend of the marketers. All thanks to its multi functional usage. Now the photocopier is not just a copier but also a printer, scanner and a fax machine. You can connect that to your computer and send/receive emails. What’s more, you would be able to save money as the cost per page is comparatively less than the laser printers. You won’t need to buy a different machine. Hit two birds with one arrow is the scenario.
Now produce ample of documents in high quality, stapled and collated from colour photocopiers Melbourne without moving from your place only in Copywell Australia. Create a grand impression in front of the industry. The smooth functionality not only refines the task, but also makes the work of the employees effortless.

For the emergency times, it is recommended that you get a plain backup printer, if the colour photocopier is out of service or is sent for periodical servicing.
Colour Photocopiers on Lease: Individuals owning the small and medium enterprises tend to hire the photocopiers for the printing business. Reason being, the technology tends to change now and then, so it would not be a good idea to spend so much money on the photocopier. Moreover, the rentals, upgrade the technology in their leased products, so it becomes advantageous for the entrepreneurs. Also, if you are dissatisfied with the copier service, then you can return it immediately.

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