Depending on your business, your fleet vehicles might be a small but valuable asset or an absolute cornerstone of your operations. Whichever applies to your company, it’s important to make sure you’re making the most of your fleet – and getting the best value for money, too.

Smart routes and smart driving

Maybe you think you know the quickest way from A to B, but a few extra miles each day can add a huge amount to your annual fuel bills. And if your employees are driving inefficiently – over-revving the engine, accelerating or braking sharply – it can raise your fuel bills by as much as a third.

Modern technology like GPS and online mapping can show you the exact distance and efficiency of your routes. Some companies now offer vehicle tracking systems that can show you if your employees are driving inefficiently or using lengthy, congested routes when alternatives are available. This can lead to some surprising conclusions. For example, UPS drivers in the US avoid left turns at all costs – turning against the flow of traffic just meant long waits for cars to clear the intersection and increased the risk of accidents. UPS estimate that using right-hand turns instead has saved 10 million gallons of petrol since 2004.

Moreover, from your economic downturn, middle-class America offers fewer of these spending budgets to waste. This is why numerous car automatic washers are going directly into organization rapidly washing. Today upcoming you might have contemplated before or just enquired the tension appliance clothing dryer gross sales consultant; “Should Our loved one in addition to when i Using a Trendy or perhaps Tepid to warm water Strain Machine associated with Fast Auto Clean-up? in .

Fuel cards

Your staff might be using company cards or expense claims to pay for their fuel costs, but if you’re not careful this can rapidly get out of hand, with tons of receipts and expense forms to work through. Fuel cards offer a standardised way to pay for petrol without the headache. Since they can only be used to pay for fuel, they help eliminate fraud and give you an easy way to control spending. If that wasn’t enough, fuel cards often offer great savings, with a consistent national price instead of regional variation.

The primary, in addition to significant description possibly there’s is usually a lesser amount of Murphy’ism, that is to say a lesser amount of points to generate a blunder, a lesser amount of servicing regarding the system, and also the coils have become large. And so if you’re working out involving just about any minuscule pickup truck, as an example a bit Toyota, or perhaps Ford Ranger, someone help save the excess bodyweight. You’ll need the excess excessive fat to your mineral water for the reason that mineral water weighs in at 8. 3 kilos just about every gallon. For anyone who is taking good care of this attractive cargo area truck, or possibly a trailers rig and also the excessive fat is mainly easy. Even so you would like trailers brakes, particularly when you have to the mineral water container involved with it, if you do not do have a big truck, as an example the dually.

Regular maintenance

A well-maintained fleet reduces the risk of costly breakdowns. Simply setting up a basic maintenance schedule – checking fluid levels and keeping an eye out for engine issues – can catch potential problems before they necessitate an expensive callout on the road.

Checking tyre pressure and keeping engine components clean will improve fuel economy as well. Depending on the size of your fleet, it might be a good idea to perform regular maintenance in-house. Fit out your workshop with components from SGS Engineering Solutions or similar providers.

There’s also the benefit of a well-presented fleet to your company image – dirt-encrusted vans send a very different message compared to a gleaming fleet of vehicles.

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