One of the most important factors involved in producing products is the effective design of the packaging and labels. A product can succeed or fail based on how effective its label is. Plus, choosing the right labels can save you money and time. If you do not have the time or the expertise to design and produce labels in-house, you will need to outsource the task to a contract labelling firm. Here’s how to choose the best solution for your labelling needs.

  1. Is it an Economical Solution?

As with any outsourcing consideration, if you are sending your label design or printing outside of your company you need to work out if this will give you a competitive advantage in terms of cost. If contract labelling actually works out as more expensive, it is not the best idea. You also need to consider the expertise currently available in your company, and whether this will be sufficient for producing labels at the right price.

  1. Is the Service Efficient?

Labelling should not take a long time – you should have the labels when you need them, considering the turnaround required for the type of labels you are printing. If the firm is efficient and quick in its production methods you will be able to enjoy a profitable turnaround on the product. Make sure you check with the supplier about their lead times and anything that may affect these lead times in the future.

  1. How is the Customer Service?

It is likely that you will be setting up a long-term relationship for a contract labelling job, so it makes sense that the company – like – is easy to deal with, easy to get hold of, and staffed with knowledgeable and professional employees. It helps when you need to ask questions, or if you have a doubt about which product or system you need. Customer service is important so make sure that the labelling company provides this.

  1. Can They Provide the Service You Need?

But no matter how professional and accommodating the customer service, if the company cannot supply the equipment or carry out the processes you need, you will not be able to work successfully together. The best way to find out if the labelling company can handle your needs is to ask them. Find out their areas of expertise, and discuss with them what they can do with a project like yours. If you need references, ask for details of a similar project they have worked on. Different projects will have vastly different labelling needs so make sure yours is a good fit. This is particularly important when you have bespoke needs.

  1. How Do They Control Quality?

Check that there are adequate procedures in place to ensure that each and every label is finished to the required standards. Make sure that processes take place consistently and that quality control is measured during each stage of the labelling process.

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