Once thought to be a science fiction concept for the future, biotechnology is increasingly being utilized by businesses of all sizes to increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and preserve the bottom line.

One aspect that is proving to provide optimal cost savings is that of biometric time clocks. These devices are designed to recognize individuals by specific physical attributes, such as a fingerprint or facial features. They virtually eliminate the practice of “buddy punching”, in which an employee may punch a time card for a co-worker who is absent or late on the job.

Employee Reactions to Biotechnology in Time Clocks

Employees are generally happy with the use of these time clocks. Clocking in and out goes very quickly, with as little as two seconds per employee. Honest employees will not have to feel compelled to “buddy punch” for coworkers who have problems with attendance. Plus, there are no passwords to remember, no keys to keep up with, and no cards to misplace.

These time clocks provide additional perks to employees that may not be readily recognized. For instance, employee time fraud can be extremely costly to a business. By eliminating the possibility of time fraud and the associated expenses, employees enjoy the benefits of working for a company with better profitability. Also, there is the added security in knowing that no one can gain access to the facility without proper physical credentials.

Are These Time Clocks Affordable?

Advancements in technology, as well as strong commercial demand, have resulted in biometric time keeping models that are affordable for businesses of all sizes and budgets. These time clocks, available from companies such as Allied Time, often pay for themselves through payroll cost savings within the first year of use.

What Additional Equipment Is Needed?

These new time clock systems require no software, no special computing equipment, and can be installed in locations with remote access. For models that utilize fingerprints for identification, employees can clock in and out regardless of whether their hands are wet or dirty, or even if they wear gloves. This also allows employees to clock out quickly and efficiently.

As labor costs continue to rise, businesses are under increased pressure to curb unnecessary costs to the greatest extent possible. Using biotechnology to aid in this process just makes good business sense.

By Eddy

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