Renovating your business doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to maintain high quality whilst making necessary improvements to your services. However, most renovations mean that you will need to limit, or even completely close your services for a certain period of time. If you would like to stay open during business renovations in order to maintain revenue, it is possible, however you’ll need to examine the costs of adjusting schedules for renovation with your prospective contractors. Although doing so is likely to incur additional expenses, you will still be able to turn a profit. Read on to find out how to successfully stay open during business renovations.

Will You Be Able to Continue Providing Services?

Before you decide whether to close your business or remain open during renovations, it’s important to be sure whether or not you will be able to provide your customers with the products and services that they expect whilst under renovation. If you are unable to provide these services, you will actually be doing your business a disservice by remaining open. You should ensure that you are still committed to delivering a top-quality service, even when under additional stress.

Break Up the Renovation into Zones

In order to keep health and safety levels and procedures a priority, it’s important to break up your business’ renovation into parts and zones in order to make it safer for both staff and customers. Whilst construction moves through the building, you may find that both products and staff may need to be relocated to different areas.

Set Reasonable Hours for Construction

Limiting your construction hours could mean that contractors are on site for the most part of the working day, and that you end up resulting in a larger cost for the job. Asking for unconventional construction hours could prove less costly and less of a hindrance especially if contractors can work in the evenings or weekends where there are less, if any staff or customers around. Construction machines such as MIG welders from Lincoln Electric Store do have the potential to cause some disturbance, so limiting construction times to the less busy times of the day is an effective option.

Notify Well in Advance

When planning any renovation work that is going to have a considerable effect on your staff, customers, or both, it’s important that they receive an adequate amount of notice before the work is due to take place. Ensure that your staff are aware of the renovation plans before it begins, and put up notices for your customers to inform them of the upcoming changes. It may also be a good idea to display public signs in the area so that customers are aware of the plans and how long they are expected to take.

Did you keep your business open during renovation work? How did you manage to continue to provide great service to your customers during this time? We’d love to hear any advice or tips that you might have for others in the comments section below.

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