Most business owners realise that choosing good business premises is essential. It is a big investment for a company. As a result, most companies take the time to do as much research as possible. They look at many factors when choosing an office. The location, how close it is to their customer base, if there is a good transport network and a long list of other considerations. Of course, these things are all important, but there another element most firms forget completely. Many firms do not consider whether the office space that they are going to lease will provide them with enough flexibility.

Why flexibility matters

This is a real shame because finding and leasing flexible office space has a big impact on how easy it is for a company to grow and secure more business. All companies operate in a state of flux.

Suddenly a company can be buried in work, barely able to recruit enough people. A few months later, things can go quiet, at which point the size of their workforce shrinks.

For firms who have chosen flexible office space these changes are less of a headache than it is for those who have settled for more traditional office space. When a company in a flexible space needs fewer desks, they simply give each worker more space. If they get busier, they move the partitions again and put in more desks.

Moving is disruptive and expensive

A firm that stuck in a rigid office space may have no choice but to move when they expand. For any business moving is very disruptive.

Moving offices is a logistical nightmare. It sucks up a huge amount of the company’s time and resources. Both of which the firm really needs to be using to capitalise on their success.

The other problem is that when you move offices it is easy to lose key staff. If you have to move a long distance, it can end up being impossible for your workforce to move with you. Some staff may not be able to manage the commute to your new offices and others just will not like your new location.

In addition, some businesses will find that they lose customers. For example, a legal firm that moves to another town is very likely to end up losing some of their oldest customers.

Where to find flexible office space

If you are looking for flexible office space Heathrow is one of those surprising locations that offers great value for money and plenty of choice. Many smaller businesses do not consider the Heathrow area because they assume that the price of office space in that area is high.

In reality, this area has a lot of office space, so there is a lot of competition in the area. This fact helps to keep the cost of office rental down and within easy reach of most businesses. Much of the office space in this area is modern and has been updated to allow firms the flexibility they need.

By Eddy

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