Workplace falls injure thousands of workers and cost businesses millions of dollars in compensation every year. Various types of falls occur at ground level and more serious accidents occur when people are working higher up. Either way, a serious fall in the workplace can be a life changing experience. It also has serious repercussions for businesses, especially if they don’t have the appropriate safety measures in place. These are some effective ways to prevent falls in the workplace.

Identify Potential Dangers in the Workplace

Every workplace is different. In some businesses, there is a higher risk of falls, slips and trips. Identifying potential hazards and risks reduces the likelihood of these types of incidences happening in the workplace. Hiring the services of a health and safety professional or assigning a member of staff to monitor and identify these risks could prevent a lot of difficulties for you and your staff in the future. This exercise also produces valuable information you can use to create safety policies and create health and safety training for employees.

Provide Safety Training

Unfortunately, staff members in many organizations are not aware of the potential dangers that exist in their workplace. This is especially true in busy warehouses, factories, offices and business premises. Staff are more worried about deadlines and other factors that affect a business. However, each member of staff should attend internal training courses, so that they are fully aware of the dangers that are present in a particular workplace.

Signs in Dangerous Areas

Avoiding a problem is always more effective than addressing the issue after it occurs. Investing in warning signs beside dangerous areas of a workplace makes employees and visitors to your business premises more aware of safety issues. When cleaning and washing takes place in a workplace, this can lead to slips and falls. Make sure the appropriate safety measures are taken such as putting up the correct warning signs and blocking off wet or slippery areas.

Promote a Cleaner, More Organized Work Environment

Encourage staff to take ownership of the safety of their work environment. This can be as simple as promoting a cleaner, more organized workplace. Supplying adequate storage facilities is one effective way to do this. An organized workplace leads to less clutter. This in turn means there are less obstacles to fall or trip over.

Use the Appropriate Protection Equipment

Some businesses have to take into account potential out door workplace accidents. In many cases work has to be carried out many feet above the ground. This presents even more dangers and risks of falling. However, using the correct safety equipment, footwear and fall protection equipment increases worker’s safety so that they can continue their work without risking injury.

Falling in the workplace is one of the most common ways for workers to get injured. It’s also the easiest to prevent. Identify potential hazards, introducing appropriate safety policies and educating your staff members about the importance of safety will reduce the likelihood of this issue ever affecting your business. Once these elements have been addressed you can focus on creating a safer, more productive workplace for all.

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