When you start your marketing plan one of the first things you have to figure out is the demographic you need to market to. Who you market to really depends on what products or services you are selling and who they will work for. If you tutor college students or maybe you create the perfect furniture for a dorm room, then you instantly know who you need to market to.

Effectively Use Mobile Marketing

If you want to reach the college crowd you need to use mobile marketing to get to them. There is absolutely no college student that isn’t online, either on their laptop, a tablet, or with their smartphone. Make sure that your website and blog can be viewed easily on those tiny screens as well.

Utilize social media to reach out to the college crowd. Make sure you do creative marketing that catches their eye and doesn’t bore them. College students are busy, so your marketing strategy needs to fit into their lifestyle.

Get Straight To The Point

That means that it can help to get to the point quickly when trying to sell to college students. Short and to the point blog posts, social media posts that don’t beat around the bush, and ads that are simple and straightforward.

It also helps to use photos that work with your posts, not ones that confuse them about what your post says. A picture speaks a thousand words and if its words don’t match the writing you’re going to quickly lose your college crowd.

Know Their Interests

Before you start posting, know what the college crowd is interested in. That may take some research. Even if you are selling dorm furniture, it’s still important to know what kind of music the college crowd is listening to these days, what books they have their noses in, and even what movies they are watching.

Some studies would say that what college students are most interested in are themselves, so advertise to that respect. Let them know why they need your product or service to better themselves.

Don’t Leave Out Their Parents

Last, but not least, always advertise to the parent as well. College students may technically be adults now, but their parents are still a huge part of their lives. If you were renting an apartment to a college student it’s likely you’d talk to their parents about the responsibilities as well as the student themselves, so why not advertise to them too.

Parents want what is best for their children, so playing on that love you may find a great outlet for making college sales without even making it to the students themselves. It’s all about creative marketing, and marketing to two generations for the same products will definitely take a little creativity.

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