If you live somewhere where power outages are common, it is important that you have some contingency plans in place to keep your household going. A natural gas generator is one option that you have, which is said to be the most efficient and cleanest power source for emergency use. It is a very useful appliance, as it will help you live through power outages without difficulty.

A natural gas generator is best used as a standby tool. Homeowners and businesses alike frequently use these. For businesses, they are a way to ensure they experience as little downtime as possible if there is a blackout. Because they are connected to the gas supply, there is no need to store fuel, which is certainly a great benefit. You can also choose a portable model that will need a storage tank.

Sizes and Models of Natural Gas Generators

There are many different models and capacities on the market when it comes to natural gas powered generators. To choose between these, you need to know why you want to use it and what your personal needs are. The more you want to power with the generator, the higher the capacity will have to be, the bigger the generator itself is and the more natural gas it uses.

Large models tend to be mounted on a stable base and are fully stationary. Smaller models can be moved and often have wheels attached to them. This allows you to take them from one place to another. The wheels do have a locking system to keep the machine stable.


Natural gas generators are attached to the natural gas lines from where it gets its power. You cannot do this yourself unless you are licensed to do so. Most people, therefore, will hire a qualified plumber. They are able to install large and small generators alike, avoiding fitting problems.

The Benefits

The biggest benefit of these types of generators has to be that they are completely noiseless. This is why they are so popular in businesses and other commercial buildings. After all, noise pollution is something that people take steps against as much as environmental pollution. If you live in a busy residential area, it is also not suitable to have a noise power generator.

Other benefits include:

  • They come in manual and automatic versions.
  • They don’t gum up, which means fewer repairs.
  • Their maintenance is much cheaper than in gasoline models.
  • It has a clean burn, so you don’t have to worry about pollution. This also means the engine will last longer.
  • You don’t ever have to refuel them if they are hooked to the natural gas supply, which is very easy to do by hiring a plumber.
  • They can start first time even if it is cold.
  • You don’t have the problem of wet stacking, which happens with diesel generators.

Clearly, natural gas powered generators are a very suitable option to help you through any power outage.

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