Because many commercial locations don’t have the warmth and sophistication that some businesses want, it can be difficult to know how you can renovate or remodel your space in order to make it into something that exudes class and luxury. Especially if your business is in a more high-end industry, your clients and customers may expect your store to look a certain way. So to help you better achieve this type of look, here are three things you can change about your store to make your business location look more sophisticated.

Upgrade Your Flooring

The flooring you choose to use within your store or office will take up the majority of the space you have to work with. While many commercial locations either have concrete floors or commercial laminate or carpeting, these materials don’t really lend themselves to a sophisticated look. One way you can boost the level of luxury with your flooring is to install hardwood floors. Allison E. Beatty, a contributor to, shares that installing hardwood flooring can increase the warmth, style, and sophistication of your space in both a traditional and modern way. Keep in mind that the darker the stain, the more classy visitors tend to find this material.

Add Glass

Including more glass in your store or office is another way you can increase the air of sophistication your space has. This can be done in many different ways to get many different outcomes. You could add more glass to your storefront windows or use glass accessories to style your space. Stefan of shares that bringing in glass furniture, like desks, shelving units or partitions, can also be helpful to the high-quality image of your business. Not only this, but glass is also easy to clean and easy to maintain in a business setting.

Consider Your Lighting

Lighting is a big deal in business, especially for retail businesses or in office settings. reminds us that because each business is going to have different needs when it comes to lighting, there is no one way to create a sophisticated look through lighting. You may want to consider using modern fixtures with lighting like accent lighting, ambient lighting, activity lighting or case lighting. Especially when used in conjunction with glass, you can really get some cool and interesting designs together to make your business space or store look very sophisticated to your customers or clients.

If you sell luxury products or have a luxury brand, you’re going to want your brick and mortar store location to match that quality. To get a more sophisticated look to your business layout and design, use the tips mentioned above when picking materials and furnishings.

By Eddy

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