Are you in the market for some promotional staff? It pays to do your research to ensure that you hire the right kind of people for your product. Within the promotional model industry, there are a huge number of talented individuals that work across a range of specialities. Some people are especially good at promoting fitness products due to their physique, while others are perfect for promoting a food or drink event due to their previous hospitality experience or professionalism. A promo model by the very definition is someone who can promote and sell a company’s products or services by sparking interest with potential customers or guests. You can use promotional models at any kind of event – whether it’s a trade show, a convention, or an exhibition. The models you choose are going to reflect on your company and will create a connection between your business and your customer. As a result, you need to make sure that the models you choose reflect your company well, and that they’ll do your business justice! Take a look at these tips to find the four essential qualities to look for when hiring promotional staff, brought to you by the promotional model experts, Gaston Management.

They need to be presentable

As we touched on previously, your promotional models are going to impact on the impression that your customers have of your business. The age, looks, style and overall appearance of the promotional models that you choose is going to depend on the kind of event or product that you are promoting and how you want to appear to the public. No matter what you opt for in the end, the people you choose for your event need to be clean, presentable and well dressed. They also need to be well-spoken and respectful to your brand and what you are trying to achieve. Obviously, when you are hiring through an agency, you can be assured that the staff on the books are going to be of the highest standard.

Punctual and reliable

There is probably nothing worse in the grand scheme of planning an event than if you hire promotional or event staff and they don’t show up or show up late. When it comes to throwing an event, you need to have everything running smoothly, and this includes staff and promotional models. Again, when you hire through a promotional agency, you ensure that you’re going to have a professional staff member coming along to your event – so it’s a good reason to use a professional service.

Presence of mind

When something goes wrong in your event, or when things change and you need to get things together quickly, it will help if you have promotional staff who can go with the flow, adapt and change based on the situation. The staff you hire will most likely be able to adapt to things quickly, but it helps to do a short interview or to ask a few questions at the start of your event. To that end, they should also be good communicators as this will make working together a whole lot easier and less stressful.


Your promotional models are going to be at the forefront of your business representing and selling or promoting a product. As a result, they need to exude the kind of confidence which will stand to be an asset for your company. Talk to the company you are hiring off and be sure that the girls or guys that you are hiring have the right kind of personality for the job you are hiring for.

I hope that these handy tips about promotional models will come in handy for your next event.

By Eddy

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