People think that with the use of social media, press releases are as good as dead now. I am glad to say that contrary to what people think, business press releases are here to stay and their effectiveness is very important for any business owner who is aiming high.

Success does not come in a day. You will have to work extra hard and do anything within your means for your small business to grow and become a success. Therefore, forget about all claims that press releases are outdated and ineffective. Good news is press releases are adapting to the new media platforms and are helping different businesses get good publicity.

With that said, come up with a great press release and watch your business grow from one level to another. However, a great press release requires a lot of thought. According to online press release experts like Mosaico, you should use short and easy to read sentences and make the press release as informative and as interesting as possible. Do not over think when doing a press release; just get straight to the point and you will be good to go.

In addition to that, here are the benefits of press release distribution that you need to look at.

  1. With good press distribution service, you will boost your business visibility. Are you a small business looking for publicity? This is it. Get a reliable press distribution service that will let the public know about you. For larger companies or businesses, you will also need to maintain good online traffic, so keep those exciting yet informative releases coming. After all, journalists will not look at how big or small your business is, but how good and creditable your press releases are.
  1. Good press releases are commendable. Every journalist will want to publish or air a good press release. Owing to the fact that media outlets have the power to spread far and wide, your press release will also spread far and wide if it gets good distribution. No matter the industry you are, you can rest easy knowing that your press releases will reach the masses.
  1. Business investors look out for great press releases too. And because attracting investors is one strategy for businesses to grow, good press release distribution will give you an opportunity to meet your potential investors. Therefore, when drafting your PR, ensure that you have something that will wow investors and give them more than one reason why they should look into your business.
  1. Press releases are more like news. Therefore, you can use your news as a channel for getting or rather attracting new customers. With the internet literally running our lives, online press releases are bound to bring your new clients as the days go by. With this said, ensure that you have your customers or clients in mind when writing your press releases. Make sure that when they read the press releases, they understand what your business is all about.


Mark Kennedy is an SEO expert and a writer for Mosaico and other leading press release distribution firms. Through his blog publications, businesses across the globe have learnt a lot about business PR, brand marketing, and so on. For more tips, guidelines and recommendations, visit his blog.

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