Pop up stands are among the oldest but still most effective means of advertising. They are advertising materials that you can open and close easily. You can also transfer them from one place to another. When opened, the stand showcases the content that you want other people to know about your business. If the day is over, you can close the pop up stand and use it again next time. You may even edit the content and update it to accommodate the changes in your business. There are certain places where you can maximize the use of this advertising tool.

Trade fairs

During trade fairs, there are booths where businesses are invited to come and advertise their company. Fairs are usually open to the public. When you set up a roll up banner during a trade fair, then you will have a chance to showcase your business to a target audience. It is also the chance for you to introduce your business to people who are yet to know what your business is all about. Since this is open to the public, you have a good chance of getting more people to come and find out about your business.


Obviously, these locations are always packed with people. If you want to promote your business to a large number of people, this is your chance. You might have to pay the malls to be permitted to setup a temporary booth, but you can still maximize the chance as there are a lot of people going in and out. You just need to find out the right date and time to ensure that your effort won’t go to waste. There are also instances in which malls open certain areas for businesses to put up their ads for free. This is your chance to put up a pop up stand and assign someone to be there to talk about your business.

Outside your premises

If you want to put up roll up banners and you don’t have enough money to pay for rent in public places, then make the most out of your own place. You can set up pop up banners outside your company’s premises. There might be people who hesitate about going inside your establishment because they don’t know what to expect. A banner can be effective since you can convince them to come inside and have a look. Sometimes, there are clients who need a little push for them to finally buy something. With pull up banners strategically placed, they will eventually give your products a try.

It is best to study the locations carefully where you can set up your pull up banner. This could be very effective in making your business more popular.

By Eddy

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