8 Office supplies you didn’t know you needed

Office spaces can be transformed with the right supplies, and this doesn’t just mean stationery or that you need to spend loads of money! Having the right equipment in an office makes jobs easier, employees more productive and can event prevent injuries. Here are eight office supplies that you didn’t know you needed, that are much more than the basic staplers and industrial printers but you won’t be able to get by without.

  1. Healthy snacks

Most offices have some sort of vending machine, canteen or ‘feeder’ employee that keeps the office topped up with snacks. However, if you keep up a constant supply of healthy snacks, you’ll have a healthier office and happier employees. Fruit bowls, granola bars, nuts and dried fruit are all a better option than a packet of biscuits or a slice of cake, so keep stocks replenished and watch as your employees change up their lifestyle.

  1. Castor wheels

Tente UK have the motto ‘Better mobility. Better Life’ and they aren’t wrong. If you’re still lifting heavy items around the office, don’t you think it’s time you got come castor wheels fitted to save backs from breaking and to speed things up? You can buy castor wheels for chairs, trolleys, and all sorts of heavy furniture.

  1. Waste disposal

This one might sound trivial but you need a good selection of bins in an office. To encourage employees to recycle you need an obviously labelled recycling bin then just your regular bins for all of the everyday disposable items. For a novelty bin to brighten things up at work, see this fun range here.

  1. Lunch break activities

With most employees encouraged to take an hours unpaid lunch break, they can sometimes be put off the idea just because they have nothing to do. If your offices are out in the middle of nowhere, why not supply a range of books and magazines around the office to give employees a break from their computer screens. You could find books and magazines that relate to your company ideals to inspire and motivate employees.

  1. Exercise equipment

Office workers are spending around nine hours a day sat down at work and it’s making lots of people more aware of their lifestyle decisions, and the impact sitting down has on their health. To show that you’re supportive of employees improving their health and fitness, keep some exercise balls and bands around the office that they can play around with at desks.

  1. Air fresheners

Are people eating in the office? Exercising at lunch break? It’s going to get a little bit smelly in there. Give your office a signature scent. As long as you choose wisely, you’ll have happier colleagues and it will be less awkward when you bring clients in for meetings after all those tuna pack lunches.

  1. Tunes

Quiet office? Introduce some music to the silence after taking note of what employees like to listen to. According to The Telegraph, nine out of ten workers perform better when listening to music. The study showed that 88% of participants produced their most accurate work with music playing. While another 81% of employees completed their fastest work with tunes in the background.

  1. Natural light

You need fresh air and natural light in an office, it’s 100% free and the benefits are huge. Nature is believed to fuel productivity, natural light is said to make people happier and fresh air keeps people alert and productive. It all comes down to employee health, if you look after your workers, they won’t get sick and will be able to spend more time working hard.


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