If there is one exclamation that is more popular than “No homework!” in the homes of students everywhere, it’s “I hate Math!” Students all over the world seem to have an allergic reaction every time they have to go on the hunt for x.

With that said, there are the fantastic few that have made mathematics a playground of sorts. Equations, addends, and factors are what you will find dancing in their heads at Christmas instead of the traditional visions of sugar plums. If you are one of those who would like to have your 3.14159… and eat it, too, here are some businesses that you can sink your teeth into.


 An astronomer uses math in almost everything he/she does. From measuring temperatures of celestial bodies, calculating the position and size of black holes, the age of the planets and moons, and the paths of comets, astronomers are like the Lewis and Clark of outer space.

They are constantly mapping, calculating sizes and distances between objects, and figuring out the effect of one celestial body on another. They have an amazingly larger perspective on the universe than the average Joe.

They are paid well for this mathematical adventure, as well. If you choose to utilize your math skills in the business world, this would be a good place to start. An astronomer can earn as much as $125,000 a year.


Mortgage Consulting

 The next business opportunity you have that will help you spread your mathematical wings to a profit making angle is the business ventures you can explore in the housing market – specifically, as a mortgage consultant. There are countless people in the world who want nothing more than to own their own home. Unfortunately, math can’t be everyone’s super power.

If it does happen to be yours, you hold an awesome opportunity to help millions of people find their way to the home of their dreams. It might not seem like a big deal to make money by simply punching numbers into a computer and setting up the best mortgage options for each buyer and it might even seem a tad boring to be an expert in the housing market and mortgage laws.

However, once you see the purest form of gratitude wash over the face of a first time home buyer and realize you just made part of your possible $101,000 a year making someone’s dream come true, somehow, you forget.


Aerospace Engineering

 As a kid, how many of you got the chance to visit a military institution like Arnold Air Force Base in Tullahoma, TN and experience the force of an authentic wind tunnel? Not many? That’s ok. Here’s why we ask.

A wind tunnel is one of the most important tools for an aerospace engineer. Their main task is to design and develop aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. An aerospace engineer’s math skills must stay up to par or they risk blowing things up before it’s time to do so. There is no room for opinions in this business. According to most engineers, “an opinion without 3.14159… is just an onion,” anyway. (You’ll get it.)

Not only do they design the “toys” most boys only dream of, they get to test them, too. For all the fun that this math famed job gets to have, those who enter the business can make up to $130,000, or more, a year.

If you love math or just love a challenge, this article could be your sine to invest time in a business that values numbers and your love for them.

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