Asia Pacific region is attractive to business people from different regions in the world. For a section of visitors, they are on holiday and visit Asian countries just to relax as they see the different exciting attraction there. One of the regions that attract thousands of business people is Bangkok in Thailand. There are different business opportunities and attractions for holidaymakers. From small to large scale business establishments in Thailand, there have been numerous growths in foreign investments either direct or indirect.

The Government has continued to support the business establishments by building and maintaining infrastructure and making it easy for the people to do business in Thailand. One of the business areas where the investments have increased is the Body fitness field and also the tours and travel business. Here are some of the developments that have been noted in the region.

Body Health and Fitness Business in Thailand

Several businesses have been opened up offering fitness centers to the locals and the tourist visiting Bangkok and other cities within Thailand. The revenues generated from the fitness segment have increased and are forecasted to continue increasing. In the year 2017, US $40m was realized as revenue from the fitness industry. According to a recent statistics, the revenue is expected to grow at an annual rate of 13% between 2017 and 2021 to hit the volume of $65 in 2021. This shows that there is an appetite for the fitness industry by the consumers and therefore more investors will continue coming into the segment.

The highest demand has been for the fitness and nutrition applications and also the activity trackers that help in analyzing the physical activity and body functions. Therefore, the investors willing to start businesses in these areas, can target starting up in Thailand and focus on the international market as well. There are also thousands of tourists visiting Thailand every year, and they are a significant market for the fitness segment.

Tourism Business in Thailand

There are several attractions that draw tourist to Thailand every year. The holidaymakers have shown to be most attracted to Thailand. A review on some of the reasons why tourism business is on the boom shows that some tourists are attracted by the sporting activities in Thailand. One of them is Muay Thai where several visitors from other Asia countries come in as trainees or as investors. Therefore, business tourism has also given a boost to the economy of Thailand. The tourist, support various business people in different ways. They are key customers to the hoteliers in Bangkok and also support various training camps in Thailand.

Muay Thai Business in Thailand

With the boom in tourism and fitness segment growing, the sporting sector has become a serious business to people of Thailand. The Tourist supports the Muay Thai training camps by buying temporal memberships or also establishing partnerships with the local investors to run satellite training camps in other parts of the world. The fitness segment benefits from Muay Thai Fans and trainees since they form a substantial market to them. A example website is  and you can check it.

Based on the above, we can see that business is thriving in Thailand and there are various players in different segments.

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