While most businesses only have to worry about customer service on one front, those working in the property management business have customers or clients on both sides of them. Those who are the clients of the property management company have to be handled with care as well as those that are current or prospective tenants within those properties. So with customer service taking up so much of your day, what can you do to ensure that all of these exchanges are handled well?

To help with this, here are three ways you can improve the customer service within your property management business.


Don’t Only Communicate Via Email

One simple way to show a more human face to your property management company, both for your clients and for your customers, is to make a conscious effort to not communicate only through email. While email might be more convenient for you, Laura Lake, a contributor to The Balance Small Business, warns that sometimes companies hide behind email rather than actually speaking to their customers. But by simply calling your customers or clients rather than emailing on occasion, you can create a stronger, more familiar relationship with all around.


Study The Positive Reviews You Get

A big part of having quality customer service is knowing what you’re doing right and doing that more often. To help you uncover what this is, Micah Solomon, a contributor to Forbes.com, recommends that when you get a positive review or feedback from a customer or client, you then study that message and showcase it for all your employees to read and review. If you do this, you’ll be able to get a first-hand account of what your customers or clients like and what actions you should be taking in the future to grow these positive interactions.


Be Active On Social Media

A great platform to grow relationships on is through social media. By having a strong social media presence and interacting with your customers and clients in this type of non-threatening environment, Jennifer Lonoff Schiff, a contributor to CIO.com, shares that you can bring your satisfaction rates to all new heights. Just be sure that you’re not using your social media posts to be purely promotional. If you’re able to organically interact with those who follow you or that you follow, you should be able to use this as a great marketing technique that could have amazing long-term effects.

If your property management business has been suffering from having less than ideal customer service in the past, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn more ways that you can improve your customer service and create better relationships with those that you’re working with on a regular basis.



By Eddy

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