When you’re operating a small start-up business, your main focus will most probably be on the building and running of your business rather than sufficient marketing of it; you may not yet have the budget to hire a marketing individual or team. However, good marketing from the very beginning will always be beneficial for your growing business, and implementing these simple SEO tips can really help.

Write longer, interesting content pieces

Having an informative website is important, but brief and semi-regular blogs posted to your site won’t help your SEO statistics. In order to optimize content, you need to ensure that you’re writing longer posts using keywords which promote your product.

This may seem overwhelming, if you’re working mainly independently as an entrepreneur and perhaps don’t have comfortable expertise in writing, but you also have the option of seeking external help for your content writing. You can choose a professional Chicago Online Marketing Company to help with your content, or you can even ask a friend or family member gifted with writing to help you out until you can implement something more long-term. As long as there is content being uploaded to your website one way or another, it’s better than nothing.

Optimize your website

This means that your website not only needs to be the best it can be in terms of content, but it also needs to function correctly. You need to take the time to ensure that your website works and loads properly on all devices, especially smartphones, as this is one of the most popular devices for visiting websites. If your website looks great on a desktop computer, you need to make sure it looks just as good on a smaller screen.

It’s also important to test your site speed on a variety of different devices to check that nothing is lagging and everything is loading quickly. Nothing can put off a potential new customer more quickly than a website which isn’t loading.

Create your social media channels

This is another task you may feel you don’t have adequate time for when starting up your business, but creating a base profile for each of the main platforms is a good option to begin with, until you have the time to concentrate more on your social media posts.

Establishing a presence on social media is also beneficial to your own research, as you can then follow consumer trends and see what your competitors are doing, which you can incorporate into your business strategy and target your audience.

Don’t forget your keywords

This was mentioned in regards to your content posts, and it’s crucial for SEO. You should take the time to form a list of all relevant keywords targeted for your business and your product, and incorporate these keywords wherever you can, particularly in every blog you write. Keywords are the words your consumers will be using to search via Google, and you’ll want these keywords to link up to your business and be found.

By Eddy

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