Instagram comes with a lot of useful and effective features such as Instagram Stories and others that are as good as the basic features of it, videos and photos. All you have to do is use it in the best possible way to make it work for your business.

Just like you can be highly creative when you build your videos and photos to post on Instagram, you can also be creative beyond your limits to use the Instagram stories in the best possible way.

  • For creating your videos, you usually experiment with different lengths of it to find one that works best for your target audience. Similarly, you should experiment with different stories that will resonate well with your Instagram followers to gain more traction and not have to buy real Instagram likes for that matter.
  • Just like you look for the best metrics for your videos to find what works best under 30 seconds to create a shorter and more appealing video, similarly you should analyze different metrics for your Instagram Stories so that you use the best one according to the need of your business and your audience.

You will be better off when you use Instagram or even any other third-party app to analyze and edit your Instagram videos and stories. There are lots of apps and software available out there that you can use to improve the quality, effectiveness and utility of these Instagram assets.

This will ensure proper and precise branding, add value to those and improve your design elements whether it is your logo or any other.

About Instagram Stories for business

To say it in just a few words, Instagram Stories for business is where things start to get more creative. It was launched in 2017 and since then it has become an integral part of Instagram marketing strategy. In fact, the State of Instagram Marketing 2018 survey shows that:

  • 64% of all businesses plan to use more Instagram Stories in their Instagram marketing efforts and
  • The reason for its stupendous success and popularity is due to the popularity of ephemeral video.

It is these videos in which more and more businesses are seeing a lot of value in creating their content that is more business-focused.

The good news

In order to use and make Instagram Stories for business most effective you should not only create the best and most effective stories but you must also know how often you should post them on Instagram.

  • The good news is that Instagram will not penalize you if you post too many Instagram Stories much unlike the regular Instagram posts. All you have to focus on is the ephemeral nature of the stories you create.
  • These Instagram Stories will only be live and active for 24 hours which is one reason for Instagram not penalizing you. However, you can make these stories stay forever if you share those as Instagram Stories Highlights.

Another good news about Instagram stories is that there is not much pressure from the platform to prioritize these posts over others to use on the feeds on any user.

The posting frequency

However, and of course, that does not mean that Instagram Stories will not be impacted by the Instagram algorithm. They surely will be. It is just that the frequency of your postswill not seem to have too much of an impact on the number of people seeing your Instagram Stories.

With that said, if you post lots and lots of stories every day, there is a high chance that there will be a number of your followers who will give a pass to your account.

However, that does not mean posting a good number of Instagram stories is a bad thing. All that matters are:

  • The quality of your content and
  • The expectations of the followers from you.

Yes, there are quite a few accounts on Instagram that really gets away with posting more than ten stories a day and there are also a few others that get results only by posting a couple of times in a week. That means posting a number of times in a day may or may not work for you.

Problems with multiple posting

Even if multiple posting of Instagram Stories works well for your business, there may be a few issues in this approach.

  • One, it will need a lot of time and effort from you to cerate and manage such a wide number of stories. That means that if you think that you are needed in other parts of your business operation, it is better that you make it a point to post just a few stories in a week.
  • Two, if you continue to post your stories consistently on Instagram, your followers will start to expect more from you and that you continue posting such a large number of times in a week.

That means the natural inference of these facts and findings is that there is basically nothing called an “optimal” frequency for posting Instagram stories. However, to be on the safer side, it is better to post enough of these stories throughout the week till the time that people are interested to see it. Do not overburden their feeds or spam them so that they get tired of you and your content and leave your account.

When and what to post

It is recommended that you post your regular Instagram posts when your followers are most active on the platform but for Instagram Stories for business, that is not the case.

This is because Instagram Stories live for a maximum of 24 hours if these are not shared as Instagram Stories highlights. That means even if you post it when the followers are not active, they will get a chance to see it anyways on the top of their feeds. Therefore, do not stress much about the optimal times in case you are not looking for an immediate engagement.

Lastly, just make sure that you post a mix of informative and promotional content.

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