The power of social media is growing by the day, and no business can market their brand without utilizing its advertising prowess. Potential customers are interacting with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest every day. If you want to grab their attention, you’ve got to understand how social media marketing works and learn how to take advantage of it.

Understanding Social Media’s Impact

Social media plays an important role in a number of marketing goals like creating a brand and raising brand awareness, increasing traffic to your website, building conversions, and ultimately serving as a communication platform between you and your consumers. These are all attainable goals, but they won’t be achieved overnight. Remember to take things one step at a time.

Pinpoint Your Audience

Before you can begin to utilize social media, you’ve got to understand who it is you’re reaching out to. Ask yourself what brand you’re trying to sell, and who you’re selling it to. Social media is unique in that almost every demographic is taking part, whether it’s through Facebook, Instagram, or even Snapchat.

You’ll likely have a specific target group. However, for instance, if you own a luxury apartment community near a college campus, you’re likely looking for college-aged residents above a certain income threshold who attend or are interested in the nearby college.

As a result, you would target your message directly to that demographic. Instagram would be a great advertising choice as most of the users are under the age of 30, and YouTube or Facebook would be excellent locations as their base tends to be on the higher scale of income earners.

Promoting Content

Social media is not only a great place to advertise products, but also promote content. By sharing relevant, valuable blog content with readers, you can quickly build up a following. Followers have immediate access to any new content that you post, and they can share and spread it among their own friends and family. Make sure you’re providing valuable information and content to stay consistent with your brand quality and generate shares.

Using Facebook Ads

Facebook is without a doubt one of the most powerful advertising platforms. You start by creating a campaign that focuses your objective. For us, it was increasing conversions. You can now select your target demographic which can be as specific as interests listed on their profile. Make sure your ad image and copy fit your brand and don’t sound like a sales pitch.

By Eddy

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