Before investing too much money and time into a new product, it’s important to determine if it’s viable. While you can’t guarantee that your new product will succeed, market research will help indicate whether you can expect a good ROI of your efforts and time. 

Your product idea will cover the costs of doing business and produce a return for your efforts. It’s essential to be clear on how much money you’ll have to earn to pay for the expenses, provide you with an acceptable wage, and keep possible workers employed. 

This is the reason why you must have a clear picture of your new product’s strength. If you don’t know where to get started with your feasibility evaluation, you can avail new product development services  and/or keep the following in mind: 

Determine If Your New Product Has a Market 

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If you want your new product to succeed, you should know what motivates your target audience or market to buy your products and services. You have to ensure that your services or products appeal to your target market. Moreover, you’ll also have to determine how big your potential market is through researching the overall size of the market. If possible, take a look at the current statistics of your industry as this will also give you an idea of the ways to promote your business in the future. 

Ensure That There’s Demand for Your New Product 

Whether your new product will be feasible or not depends on its potential demands. Know if there’s sufficient demand today. If not, can you boost or build demand in the long run? The best solution for this is to conduct market research, either through setting up a focus group or online research with your target customers. 

The majority of industries have an industry association, which generates research or may offer you some insights or information. To determine if there’s a demand for similar services or products elsewhere, check other cities or nearby towns. 

Know Your Competitors 

Another way to evaluate the feasibility of a new product is to know your competitors. Determine what their competitive advantages are and examine their marketing and pricing strategies. 

You can get started by looking at their printed advertising materials and websites. You may also check to determine if they have social media profiles to determine how they market and conduct themselves online. 

Know if your new product fills the need that isn’t met by your competitors. If your product can beat your competitors, crunch some numbers for you to test it’s really viable. 

Determine Your New Product’s Price 

As you get to know more about your market, you must know what prices your customers might be prepared to pay for what you’re offering. Take into consideration the cost of supplying and producing your services or goods. After that, select some price scenarios. 

Generally, the best price is a combination of what your customers expect, the required margin to breakeven, and your current position in the market. You might also have to trial pricing options until you determine what works great for your new product

Consider Examining The Possible Overall Costs of Producing Your New Product 

Knowing what it takes for your business to get started and keep it running as well as how long you’ll build up sales to make profits can provide you estimates. Such estimates can give you a good sense of what it takes to make your new product viable in the long run. 

If necessary, consider running a cash flow forecast for you to determine your startup costs and calculate the breakeven point to project your new product’s viability. Make sure that your new product must earn you more of the returns than if you placed your investment in the certificate of deposit. 

Get Professional Expertise 

If you’re overwhelmed with the information or data gathered from the different product research you’ve conducted, it might be a good idea to hire professionals to help you. There are some companies offering services that can help you come up with better and wiser decisions when it comes to the feasibility of your new product. 

Such services include data gathering, market studies, and other things important to know how feasible new products are in today’s highly competitive market. With the help of professionals, you can be assured that you’ll get the right information whether or not to launch your new product. This can also enable you to avoid wasting time, money, and hard work needed for the process. 


Learning how to evaluate the feasibility of your new product can help provide you realistic expectations and ensure success. Assessing the market opportunities and crunching the numbers can also give you knowledge about the potential of your new product in the market. However, bear in mind that new products might take more creative thinking for them to secure success. Thus, asking for help from business specialists can make a difference, so you won’t waste time, money, and hard work. 

By Eddy

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