A car’s cabin air filter is usually an overlooked component. It is only checked when you are changing oil. Some customers fail to replace their filters, maybe because they do not know its importance, or it is expensive to replace the filters. However, there is an improvement in vehicle performance when the filters are changed regularly. 

Below are some reasons for changing cabin air filters regularly.


Pollution is the first reason for you to change your cabin air filters regularly. These filters are what is between the outside air on the road and the inside air of the car. They help by blocking smog and dirty exhaust from other vehicles. Changing your air filters ensures that these pollutants do not enter in your car’s cabin.


The cabin air filters reduce the number of allergens that accumulate in your car. Allergens such as pollen can quickly get into the car when the air filters are not functioning correctly. If you do not change your car air filters, more pollens will accumulate, reducing the performance of the vehicle. These allergens are common in countries that have massive pollen seasons, especially in areas having more oak trees. It is essential to change your cabin air filters regularly regardless of where you stay, for it increases the durability of the vehicle.

Reduced Efficacy

If you do not change or clean your air filters regularly, the air filters will be clogged, reducing its efficiency to give cooling effect in the vehicle. Clogged air filters will make the air conditioners to work harder, resulting in a noisy or ineffective air conditioning system. Inefficient air conditioning system during the hot summer season can be dangerous due to the slower cooling rate.

Engine Strain

Having a clogged air filter is costly. This is because the air conditioner has to work harder to cool down the cabin, translating more work on the engine to power these systems. Additionally, clogged air filter negatively impacts fuel consumption, as the engine works more than it should normally. 


Most people do not believe that you can find your air filter filled with twigs and leaves because they think that such large objects cannot be sucked into the filter. On the contrary, many drivers, especially the ones parking in areas with many trees and bushes, find their air filters clogged with twigs, acorns, and any other natural debris. They need to be removed as they affect the efficiency of the air conditioning system of the vehicle.


It is advisable to have your cabin air filters changed after covering twelve thousand to fifteen thousand miles, but first, seek to consult your manual. Air filters of many vehicles are difficult to access; therefore, it is ideal for bringing your car to the oil service center to your filters changed. Changing air filters help reducing fuel usage as less engine power is required to cool the cabin. The performance of the vehicle is also improved when the air filters are regularly changed.

By Eddy

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