Anyone who has ever been in a convenience store is, no doubt, familiar with gondola shelving. Fortunately, displays made with gondola shelving aren’t just for convenience stores. Best of all, there are many good reasons for using gondola shelving as a display method. What follows are six clear-cut benefits of using gondola shelving.

Gondola shelving is easy to use.

By its very nature, gondola shelving is easy to use as a display. And, it’s easy to find Gondola Shelving for Sale. There’s no building anything. All that’s needed is to put up the vertical and attach shelves to fit the display needed. The verticals can be affixed to walls or made to be part of free-standing displays. This versatility allows retailers to create designs with a store’s shelving that was previously impossible with fixed systems. Displays using gondola shelving can be planned and moved into position virtually anywhere, inside or out.

Gondola shelving is light and easy to move.

Gondola shelving can be moved to nearly anywhere it is wanted. Gondola shelving can be used with displays placed end to end, at the end of an aisle, or stand-alone. Gondola shelving can be used as part of a store’s overall display system or as a pop display. And when it’s time to change the display, just move it to someplace new and different. The uses of gondola shelving are limited only by a retailer’s imagination.

Gondola shelving is tough.

Gondola shelving is a lot tougher than it looks. By the way, gondola shelving is engineered, it is able to support nearly any weight of products. Even product movement doesn’t affect gondola shelving to any great extent. Gondola shelving is able to withstand even the roughest handling by customers and employees without breakage.

Gondola shelving is easy to maintain.

Things get dirty and worn. It’s that easy. In the case of gondola shelving, however, cleaning is a snap. Depending on how dirty gondola shelving gets, it can be wiped clean, often with just soap and water, most often without even taking the shelves off. And for a more extensive cleaning, just take the shelves off, clean them, and put them back on. And in cases where parts get broken or bent, they can be easily repaired or replaced at a minimal cost. Unlike most traditional display types, gondola shelving is easy to keep looking its very best.

Gondola shelving has nearly unlimited decorative possibilities.

Besides being able to add or take away shelves, gondola shelving can be decorated in nearly endless ways. Cover the shelves, add signage or other displays on the shelves themselves, or on the backdrop. Many stores even place markers on the floor in front of a display to draw the shopper’s attention to special bargains. And if a change of the products on display goes from something small to something larger, it’s easy to accommodate by moving brackets and shelves up or down to fit. Again, a retailer is only limited only by their imagination.

Gondola shelving can be very economical.

Especially when compared with more permanent display options, gondola shelving can be surprisingly economical. Gondola shelving can be purchased new or used. As a result, gondola shelving can be purchased for almost any amount. All that’s needed is to find a vendor willing to make a deal.

By Eddy

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