Owning a business is not for the faint of heart. You have enormous responsibility and pressure for yourself, your business, and your employees.  Fret not, though, there are a few considerations you could implement into your routine to ensure a healthy and positive quality of life.

Meal Prep

It is not always in the schedule to make a healthy choice, and that is why it is all too easy to throw a pizza in the oven or order some Chinese takeaway. However, the food you put in your body has a profound effect on your physical and mental health. It is best to try and eat nutritious meals that fuel your body with what it needs more often than not. That’s why meal prepping once a week to include bulk items like grilled chicken, rice, and leafy green vegetables can save you time later on in the week when your day is filled with meetings. A quick internet search can help give you ideas for how and what to meal prep!


We should all know by now that working out releases endorphins, decreases the risk of disease, and helps keep you at a healthy weight. It is a challenge to find time to make it to the gym, but there are other ways to keep active that work when you’re on a time crunch. HIIT workouts have profound benefits and can be condensed down into 10 minutes. You should also always opt for taking the stairs, walking when you can, and can always start the morning with a one-minute plank. The little healthy habits add up! Set yourself a reasonable goal of how many steps to get in one day. (Note: medical experts say 10,000 steps a day is a reasonable goal to aim for.)

Regular Check-Ups

Checking in with your healthcare provider is always a good idea. Annual visits can help you with preventative treatment. There are also many therapies and treatment options establishments like The Institute of Natural Health can offer ranging from B12 injections and hydrafacials. 

Mental Well-Being

Your physical health is important, but mental health is just as vital to a healthy lifestyle. There are a plethora of activities you can engage in to help maintain a healthy, happy, and positive mind. Journaling has healing benefits and helps you to sort through and organize your thoughts and feelings. Regular mindfulness meditation has benefits in training your mind to focus and have awareness of yourself and your surroundings. 

Along with journaling and meditation, letting your creative nature flow helps you to express yourself and relax. You can paint, sing, dance, write – whatever you feel like to let loose and let your artistic expression go free. 

The Bottom Line

You know just how important the success of your business is to you, and you should place that same emphasis on your health! 

By Eddy

Eddy is the editorial columnist in Business Fundas, and oversees partner relationships. He posts articles of partners on various topics related to strategy, marketing, supply chain, technology management, social media, e-business, finance, economics and operations management. The articles posted are copyrighted under a Creative Commons unported license 4.0. To contact him, please direct your emails to [email protected].