14 Facts About Search Engine Operations for SEO Beginners

Many people know that keywords matter when Google indexes a site. However, what most don’t know is that there is a complex backdrop onto which these keywords fit; there are so many other aspects of SEO! Consider these facts the next time you are making choices about your company’s SEO practices. Continue reading “14 Facts About Search Engine Operations for SEO Beginners”


6 Tricky Steps To Create Profitable Affiliate Blog Post

One of the most common questions experts usually have to come across is ways to get started with the vast world of internet marketing. Picking a proven form of the business model and selecting a perfect niche is not everything you need to get, as there are more to it. You have to evaluate the profitability of the business niche you are selecting and monetize the field of affiliate marketing, as you don’t have the items yet. However, it might sound a bit simple, but it is rather complex than that. There are some easy yet promising methods designed to create profitable affiliate site. You can catch up with those amazing 6 points and then work on some of the examples, for better understanding. All these you can get online though.
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Finding the Business Web Hosting You Need for Less

You could pay $500 a month for hosting, but you probably don’t need to. Invest your business income in other ways.

The web hosting company has one job; to keep your web pages available to web users and to serve them quickly. That’s two jobs. If a company is unable to do those two jobs, they shouldn’t be in business. Sadly, there are well-known web hosts that fail in these two core areas. Continue reading “Finding the Business Web Hosting You Need for Less”

If You’re Not Doing These Things in 2018, You’re Not Doing Business

2018 is the year of distraction – honestly, we might have said that in 2017, and we may say it again next year, because each year seems to bring a little more information overload and add a little more to the to-do list. Continue reading “If You’re Not Doing These Things in 2018, You’re Not Doing Business”

Why Wholesale Businesses Need to Take the eCommerce Path

eCommerce is a booming industry, but with the way it is talked about, it would seem like it’s targeted toward retailers only. However, taking your wholesale business is not just a wise move, it’s basically an inevitable one if you want to succeed and keep up with your competitors. Here’s why. Continue reading “Why Wholesale Businesses Need to Take the eCommerce Path”

5 Aspects of a Well-Designed Business Blog

Your business blog is a very critical tool to building your company’s brand name, and you must learn how to optimize the effect of your informational content to draw in new visitors each day.  Narrowing down your subject matter, and mastering the ways in which you write that information is only one piece of the blogging puzzle.  Continue reading “5 Aspects of a Well-Designed Business Blog”

7 Tactics to Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Social media marketing has been the trend nowadays because almost all of the people are very active online. This fact can be both positive and negative for your business. It’s positive because there’s a wide opportunity that you will be able to introduce your brand to a lot of people. It’s negative because it means that there’s more competition in the market. If you want a relatively low-cost option but high performing strategy to increase your brand’s presence online, then social media marketing is the way to go.

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Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter Ads for Your Business’ Advertisement

Why you should use Twitter Ads

Regular users may not find this option necessary. Entrepreneurs wishing to grow their business understand that one needs to spend money to make money. Though other platforms offer advertising options, Twitter has proven to be superior above other social media platforms due to their targeting feature. Other platforms do not provide this kind of accuracy. Continue reading “Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter Ads for Your Business’ Advertisement”

The Big Picture – India’s Digital Power

Today, we had a brief panel discussion on the Digital India in RS TV, which is the platform from Parliament. Certain points were discussed, and although I had little time to discuss all the points, thought of sharing my perspective on Digital India. My take on this is as an academic who works in the domain of digital transformation and public policy. Points are brief, and lot more can be covered if the opportunity is presented. Continue reading “The Big Picture – India’s Digital Power”

3 Industries Using New Content to Cash in on the Mobile Revolution

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2017, nearly 77% of Americans carry a smartphone and 69% of adults are active social media users. These numbers have been on a sharp incline over the past 5 years. Now with easier access to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, industries are finding new ways to delivery content and experiences to their customers. What does this tell us about content consumption habits? Continue reading “3 Industries Using New Content to Cash in on the Mobile Revolution”

Building A Business Website That Works

Of course, you want your website to work mechanically, but your website should work to draw in and engage viewers too.  Even though you may have already launched your business website, there are probably still plenty of ways to improve your design. Any sort of website’s success is heavily weighed upon whether or not the design is ever even seen.  You must also find a way to maintain viewer engagement.  Attention spans are short in a world driven by convenience.  Continue reading “Building A Business Website That Works”

3 Tips for Picking The Right Website Hosting Service

When trying to propel your business forward through its online presence, you have to have a lot of things going right in order to find the success you’re looking for. One of these things that may not seem like that big of a deal but that can have severely negative impacts if done incorrectly is getting the right hosting company to service your business. While you may not think that is that important of a decision, having the right hosting service for your business could be the difference between having a successful website and a flop. To help make this decision easier for you, here are three tips for picking the right website hosting service for you. Continue reading “3 Tips for Picking The Right Website Hosting Service”