How to Become a Certified Financial Analyst

With each passing year, the number of financial analysts is constantly growing. An expert with bigger credentials is always valued, now more than ever. Constant professional development is the key to success in a corporate domain. For a professional finance analyst, proper certification is a necessary step that keeps them moving forward. For them, this is an insurance that, tomorrow, their job will be still valued. Continue reading “How to Become a Certified Financial Analyst”

Top Income Streams You Can Create in the Corporate Consulting Scene

According to data provided by Bloomberg, in the last year, corporations paid $39.3 billion dollars for outside consultancy. Indeed, corporate consulting is considered by many as one of the most profitable business ventures in the market. So much so that USA Today made an estimate that on average, business/marketing consultants generate about $175,000 a year. Continue reading “Top Income Streams You Can Create in the Corporate Consulting Scene”

How to Get A Promotion at Work

Setting some goals for your career and a timeframe that you would like to achieve them in is an important way of staying on track. If you’ve got the ability, there is no reason why you shouldn’t progress through your company or move onto a higher role in a different one. Unfortunately, getting a promotion is not always easy and sometimes it can be hard to figure out what you need to do to progress. It can be very disheartening when your boss chooses a new candidate for a higher role that you feel that you have been working hard for throughout several years. Understanding how to make yourself shine in the workplace is very important and when you eventually get that promotion you will be very happy! Continue reading “How to Get A Promotion at Work”

How to successfully apply for online job opportunities

You can carry out a lot of activities easily via the internet, and applying for an employment position is not an exception. Although this may seem like a convenient way to pursue your career goals, it may just not be the best idea. With little chances of actually getting considered for a job position, some people have discredited online job applications. Others have found the secret to applying for online jobs and are having a track record with getting employment online. Are there certain things that the latter know that the former do not? These are some quick tips on applying and getting online jobs.

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4 Surprising Skills Highly Useful In The Business World

When you think of the business skills that can help you with finding a well-paying job, advancing in your career, or growing your small business, you probably think of taking formal business classes in accounting, management, finance, and marketing. While, of course, these hard skills are necessary to excel in the world of business, if you think outside the box, you might be surprised to discover some other, softer skill sets, that can prove to be highly useful, too.   Continue reading “4 Surprising Skills Highly Useful In The Business World”

4 Things To Expect When Involved In An Industrial Enterprise

When getting involved in an industrial enterprise either as an investor, co-owner, or full owner, it is important to have a realistic outlook. However, since you’re putting in your time, money, and energy into a project, the last thing you want to do is set low expectations. So you will need a balance between realism and having high expectations. Continue reading “4 Things To Expect When Involved In An Industrial Enterprise”

Top 10 Desirable Skills for Career Planning and Growth for Digital Marketing Specialists

In this fast-paced world with constant innovations, cutting-edge technologies, and adaptive platforms, digital marketing is one of the few careers with the luxury of enduring changes in the job market. Continue reading “Top 10 Desirable Skills for Career Planning and Growth for Digital Marketing Specialists”

Fix These 6 Things If You Have Trouble Landing a Job Interview

When you’re looking for a new job – whether it’s because you’re unemployed or looking for a career change – one of the most frustrating parts is when you can’t seem to get an interview. You send out a ton of applications, submitting your resume all over the place, only to hear nothing back. This lack of interest is frustrating, and in turn, you become discouraged with the job search. Rather than giving up, there are a few things that might need fixing within your job applications. Try fixing these 6 six things first, and see if the number of interviews you receive goes up.
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The best companies for graphic designers

There has probably never been a better time to be a graphic designer, making this a much sought after profession. After all, no matter what your business, a successful company will need at least one graphic designer on staff. There is so much competition out there in all fields, that good quality visuals can make the difference between success and failure, particularly if the majority of your business is online. The biggest companies are instantly recognisable by their logo alone, which gives you an example of the difference quality graphic design can make. Continue reading “The best companies for graphic designers”