Beer advertisements have always pictured an oomph factor. Is it because beer is positioned as a macho drink that will sell well with an overdose of the sex-factor?

A research did demonstrate a correlation between alcohol beverage advertising and alcohol consumption. However, it has not been proved that alcohol advertisements cause higher consumption. However the alcohol industry, from its actions, evidently believes that effective alcohol campaigns not only increase a producer’s market share and also brand loyalty. That branding is what the beer manufacturers target with splashing the sensual advertisements of beer “babes” and “macho” men, both of which are supposedly attainable only by befriending “Beer”.

The beer brewing industry itself spent more than $770 million on television ads and $15 million on radio ads in 2000, and this is supposedly increasing at the rate of 12% YoY. Check out these campaign by a major beer manufacturer, which have been positioned slightly differently.

While the target market of most alchoholic drinks have changed over the years, (focusing a lot on the ladies now days, even on youth), beer has traditionally been positioned as a Man’s drink, and continues to be positioned as that only by most manufacturers.

A major target segment of beer manufacturers have been the sporting events, which although recently has come under flak and scanner. In very recent times, many beer advertisements have been banned in major sports events, in view of the fact that these events are the heart and soul of many a youthful eye, not mature enough to comprehend the consequences of drinking.

However, how much we slander these beer advertisements, one thing is for sure, they are a eye-candy for most of us, and capture our attention. What could be the reason for this? Is it only that sexuality of “babes” sells more than anything else? Or is it the “macho-ism” that does the trick?

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