As I am due to start my job as Marketing Assistant for the Radox brand in a short number of weeks, I thought it would be a great idea to show you all what Radox current marketing campaign is. The £4.5 million campaign was launched on 16th June 2009, targeting women aged 25 to 44 with busy lifestyles urging them to be selfish and spend time pampering themselves. The message focuses on telling women that “It is ok to indulge”. The campaign’s strength comes, not only from it’s fabulous message, but also from it’s strong portfolio of marketing communications, which I’ll take you through now:

1 – Free book promotion

Best-selling author Kathy Lette wrote a waterproof novel as part of the Radox campaign. The book, All Steamed Up, is designed to read whilst in the bath using Radox products. At the start of the campaign Radox gave away 10, 000 free copies of the new book via the Radox website, and has also given women the opportunity to download the author’s podcast to listen to.

2 – Celebrity endorsement

The brand has used a range of well-known faces to support the ‘Be-Selfish’ message, including:

* Jenni Trent Hughes, psychologist, who has given Radox a strong factual foundation for the campaign. She has highlighted statistics on women, based upon the time they spend on themselves and others around them, making the ‘Be Selfish’ message more credible.

* Nell McAndrew, model, has been used to raise greater awareness of the waterproof novel.

* Kathy Lette, author, wrote the waterproof book and also featured on the Radox website where she was interviewed about her new novel. Kathy was selected as her previous novels mirror the female attitude present in the ‘Be-Selfish’ brand message, which allowed the new brand message to be understood and voiced more effectively.

* Rob Kazinsky, actor, his previous role in Eastenders (BBC1 Soap Opera) as a ‘bad boy’ character attracted a lot of female attention. Rob was a perfect choice for the ‘Clocks going back’ viral, as he is seen as a very attractive man by most (if not all!) of the target audience.

* Sara Cox, radio DJ,  was chosen to speak to the target audience about how hectic life can be, as a working mum, and how she values the idea of ‘Be Selfish’ time. By relating to the target audience the customer doesn’t feel like they are being sold an idea, instead they feel they own the idea and will be more happy to interact with Radox.

3 – Website & Social Media

Radox rebranded their website and dedicated the new site to educating women on how to be selfish and spend more time relaxing. The website allows the customer to spend time with the brand too which will help to reinforce the brand message and values in the customer’s mind. Another great addition to the communications, are also Facebook pages people can join, and write down points of view and opinions if they wish. I think this is a great way to talk to the customer in a relaxed way, and strengthen customer relationships further!

The website is very interactive and includes:

* Mobile downloads, Rob’s sexy reminder for the clocks going back, Time saving tips, A prize draw for two at a spa, ‘Calm and collected or ready to erupt’ quiz and more…

4 – Magazine ads

A number of ads have been designed combining minimal wording with bold colours and pictures to instantly capture the interest of the audience. They have placed in a range of magazines (including celebrity, fashion and interior design) to ensure effective reach of the intended audience.

5 – TV/ Cinema ad

A 30 second TV ad was created showing a woman viewing time differently. The ad has also been shown in cinemas too, before films with a high female attendence.

I really like this campaign, as I feel it is such a powerful message that can promote so much good (ie. happiness and healthy wellbeing). The word ‘Selfish’ isn’t used in a negative way, it is simply used to show women how easily they can forget to look after themselves, and urges them to give themselves some much deserved TLC! I would love to know what you think about the campaign, and if you use the products and have any comments you would like to share feel free!

Have a wonderful day,


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