Summer is here – let’s hear a BIG cheer!

Now whether you are getting ready for a cruise around the world, a trip to Paris or simply a few days away to the coast, Boots are keen to let all women know that they can lend a helping hand with the holiday packing process… whether it’s finding the right suncream, insect spray, fake tan, sunglasses etc etc etc Boots wants women all over the UK to ‘Feel Good’ this summer.

Now I really like Boots advertising, this is likely to be partly down to falling into their target market I’m sure, but regardless of my interests I think Boots have got a very clear insight into their target market. This is clearly shown in the Boots summer ad, that has been re-aired on TV this year. The ad includes many humourous clips that women of all ages are likely to relate to. Overall I feel that Boots as a brand is doing something only few companies have dared to do – and that is to stop telling people what to think/feel/do and instead are spreading a positive message that encourages people to feel good about themselves and feel happy in their skin. A big thumbs up to Boots!

Have a wonderful summer!


By Eddy

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