Currently, digital marketing is the bloodline of almost every business. Without the strategy, a business will be as good as dead. There is significant potential in it and anyone can do one or two things if they have the right insights. However, doing it correctly requires skill and a lot of planning. Whether you are a professional digital marketer or just the owner of a website, here are some common things you could be doing wrong.

Using the Wrong Social Media Ads

Many people visit social media every day using their phones. It is one of the hottest platforms in digital marketing. Marketing appropriately on social media makes a big difference for any business. However, the wrong social media ads will shift the focus of your targeted market and fail to hit the right objectives. Since it is a hot platform, failing in it will negatively impact the business.

Failure to Use Video Content

Users are more visual. They will get attracted to videos more than written content. Failure to use enticing videos on your website is one of the biggest mistakes in digital marketing. However, a poorly made and low-resolution video is an equal problem. It has to be sharp, easy to download, and should contain informative content. The main content of these videos should be ads related to the products that you want to promote.

No Call to Action

Even if you have a good digital marketing strategy, failure to include a call to action may make it all invalid. Whether it is on your website or social media pages, make sure that you tell potential customers what they need to do to reach you. It could be a form to contact you, telephone numbers, or even a link to your ‘contact us’ page. In fact, this is one of the many reasons to use experts like SEO Analytics who will not miss things like contact links.

Driving Audiences to the Wrong Pages

We all know how powerful landing pages are. If you are using backlinks, the audience must be directed to the landing pages with the right information. Otherwise, it will not make any impact on your website. Wrong landing pages will be annoying to potential customers. Most of them will not come back to your website again. If you are not sure about the right landing pages to use, it is better to hire the services of an experienced digital marketer.

Failure to Consider Mobile Devices

Majority of people browsing the web today are using their mobile phones. Thus all web owners should use responsive themes that are user-friendly to mobile users. Failure to consider them means that your business will lose their attention. According to experts, the number of mobile users is more than half and no one can afford to lose them. That is why it is important to factor them in by all means.


Digital marketing is all about making the right decisions. There are many factors that contribute to its success. However, avoiding the above mistakes makes a big difference in your digital marketing effort. It is better to pay a digital marketing consultant to keep these issues at bay than struggle with corrective measures when the damage is already done.

By Eddy

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