You can use the Instagram Analytics in the best possible way and even tailor it according to the type and needs of your business so that you can drive more sales. This approach will help you to encourage more and more users to visit your website and thereby increase the traffic sales prospects and business revenue.

Using the Instagram Analytics in the best possible way you will enable you to have valuable insights such as:

  • Who are your users?
  • What is their source?
  • What they want and prefer?
  • How your hashtags and posts are performing?

All these insights will help you to know when your users are engaging with your site, what is the most preferred time for them to receive any emails, and what is their engagement level. This will enable you to know which are your top posts and those that do not resonate with your users at all and needs to be discarded immediately.

More often than not, tracking the right engagement metrics is the best possible way to get the right insights about the users. In other words, you will need to have only those metrics that will enable you to know which are the users that you want to visit your website so that you have a greater probability to make a sale.

Tailor your analytics data

Ideally, there is no need to focus on those users who seldom visit your site and even if they do, they do not end up making a purchase. In order to choose on the useful users from a large pool you will need to tailor the analytics data that you have obtained using Instagram analytics tool. This will help you to:

  • Create more effective posts
  • Announce more relevant promotions and
  • Provide your users with more value.

This will make your brand and product more valuable to them. They will be more interested in knowing about your brand. This will not only increase traffic towards your site but will also increase the sales prospects.

If you want to have more information and insight on your local customers you will be better off when you use a native analytics tool. This will help you to know about different things such as:

  • The demographics
  • The actions taken by the users
  • Your content’s performance and lots more.

All these data will make it much easier for you to compare the contents and find out the best ones to use for your campaigns as well as monitor the performance and measure the impact of each individual post.

Key performance indicators

You will also need to know about the Key performance indicators or KPIs in order to make sure that you get the right insights from your Instagram Stories. The Instagram Analytics will also help you in this regard. If you have proper knowledge about the KPIs, you will be able to create better posts and contents that will help you to raise the interest of the users even more so that they visit your site.

Typically, there are a few different KPIs that you should consider to have the most valuable insights. These are:

  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Story features
  • Taps back
  • Forward and exit rate and
  • Actions taken.

This information will also know about the performance of the location and hashtag stickers that will ensure that the users get more involved.

Use the best video

Using the best video on Instagram will also help you a lot to cerate a better engagement and drive more traffic towards your site. This is ideally the most involved form of business marketing of today and Instagram being essentially a visual platform will help you in the best possible way to gain the best results.

When you include live video streams within your Instagram Stories it will prove to be a great way to attract more Instagram followers. This will also help you to build more brand awareness and deliver more information about your product or services in the best possible way.

  • This Instagram Live feature is typically designed by the engineers using a specific algorithm. This will put your video on top of your feed for the next 24 hours and make sure that your video gets noticed by the users.
  • If you stream your video consistently it will help you to organize it in a better way according to products, services, and options. This will eventually help you to meet the main purpose of creating such a video which is to generate more leads.

You can use the Instagram Live feature in the best possible way when you tease new products. You can also use it for different other purposes such as promoting any event such as a social contest as well as gather the relevant questions to ask the users if you intend to hold a live question-answer session.

As a result of all these efforts, you will be able to collect more emails and information that will help you to generate genuine users, create a far better engagement and also use these for further follow-ups.

Use the most sophisticated form

In order to use the Instagram platform just like a professional agency such as Gramista you will have to ensure that you use the most sophisticated form of Instagram Live. This is ideally the two-person live video. You can either bring in a guest, a celebrity or even a user using your product for that matter.

This will boost the level of engagement amongst the users by a significant margin. This is because the video will create a better appeal and interest among the users. It will also help you to create a more dynamic video that will provide more users and traffic to your site. You can create such a two-way video in any way you like. You can make it look like an interview or a person explaining another person how to use your product or even make it look more informal and entertaining conversation.

In fact, there is no limit to creativity when you use Instagram to get more traffic to your site.

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