The fact that digital marketing has been all the rage in recent years doesn’t mean traditional marketing strategies like road sign banner advertising are any less effective. Unlike digital advertising, road signs are visible to anyone who passes by. Business owners who want to start using more direct advertising can read on to find out about four tips for getting the most out of their road sign banners to make them more effective.

  1. Keep Text Short and Simple

Avoid the temptation to incorporate too much information into the advertisement. Drivers don’t have time to read long signs, and copy-heavy advertisements are less effective anyway. When they design the text for their banners las vegas business owners should stick to phrases with fewer than eight words that create simple, strong, clear messages.

Maximizing the effectiveness of a road sign requires focus. Viewers are only going to process one idea at a time, so a sign that offers information about every product or service a company offers isn’t going to get the message through. Pick one focal point and stick with it. The idea is to catch each drivers’ attention for long enough that the company’s name sticks in their minds and they can seek more information for themselves.

  1. Choose the Right Visuals

Choosing visuals for road signs can be tough since they have to be very large. Blowing up standard photos or artwork to the size off a billboard will break up the image into pixels, making it look blurry and unprofessional, so it’s best to work with a graphic designer who has experience working with large signs.

As with text, it’s best to keep visuals simple and on-point. Don’t let the sign get cluttered. Instead, choose a simple but powerful visual that supports the text perfectly to avoid eliciting confusion instead of intrigue.

  1. Contrast Colors

Color schemes also need to be simple and consistent and to make the text more readable, the two primary colors should contrast. It’s fine to use a third color for accents, but keep it simple and avoid garish hues like neon yellow, orange, and pink. They may attract attention, but they look amateurish and can detract from the sign’s message.

While neon pink isn’t a good choice for most companies, neither are neutral colors that blend into the surrounding landscape. Think about where the sign will be placed. If it will be on the highway surrounded by grass and trees, avoid green and brown. If it will be on a city street, stay away from shades of gray.

  1. Stay On-Brand

As with all aspects of a company’s advertising and outreach campaigns, road signs should stay on-brand. That means more than just sticking to the same color scheme used in the company’s logo. Make sure everything from the image and the message to the sign’s placement are designed to fit the company’s voice, values, and intended audience.

The Bottom Line

Advertising a company and its products or services using road sign banners is a great way to reach many potential customers or clients at once without having to spend a small fortune. Business owners need to make sure their signs stand out and convey a clear message to consumers so they’ll be more likely to respond to the advertising and take the next step of finding out more about the company.

By Eddy

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