International SEO in a Post-Brexit World

Most Britons would agree that the pro-Brexit vote and the signing of Article 50 came as a big shock. Google trends revealed that British citizens went so far as to care more about Brexit than football when the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament was far surpassed by Brexit as a Google search term. As the earth seems to be shifting underfoot and the army makes preparation for emergency distribution of vital supplies when the big breakup becomes fact, people are looking around wondering what to do.

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Co-working With Confidence – How To Successfully Build A Network

You are working among the some of the most talented people in your industry and in others. Plus, your plan offers you entrée into numerous networking events. More significantly, though, the place hosts a happy hour, and better yet, a barista that serves late night coffee.

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How Charter Spectrum Services Changes the Entire World of Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry has evolved in all these years at a fast-paced rate. There was a time when people have to install telephones in their cars which are huge. They weigh hundreds of pounds and usually affordable only for wealthy classes because they are quite expensive. As time passes, it technology changes and now you can see almost everyone got a cell phone or a smartphone to stay connected with others. Not the telephone technology but also TV and the internet have made immense progress. Previously, industries usually had vast mainframe computers which took hours to transfer a file of 1Mb. Now in this era, people have their laptops and computers, and now they can transfer hundreds of Mb’s data within a split second.

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Starting a nonprofit organization

There are a lot of fantastic and in-depth articles about what one requires to start a business but very little about charities. That places those passionate about a cause at odds. While they wish to begin their venture, they are restricted to affiliating with others instead. The first steps are not as straightforward as most assume as is the essence of this article.

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3 Reasons to Get a Personalised Plate for Your Business Car

Business owners know that the best way to get more clients is through marketing. They also know that the best marketing campaign is the word of mouth, where people are so happy with the service or product that they recommend the business to friends and acquaintances.

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Keeping Operations In Order During Intrusive Building Maintenance

Growth and expansion of your organization is always the ultimate goal, but the “pains” it takes to grow aren’t always conducive to a tranquil work environment. Adding a new space to the office, or renovating an existing space can be extremely disruptive to the overall vibe and functionality of the office.

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Discriminant Analysis using Ant Colony Optimization – An Intra-Algorithm Exploration


Bio inspired algorithms are machine learning algorithms which are modelled around observed natural phenomenon. Bio inspired algorithms in recent years have been shown to perform data mining tasks with ease by many research studies conducted for very complex domain of NP Hard problems. Ant Colony Optimizationis a bio inspired algorithmwhich addresses such complex problems which requires meta-heuristics based approaches to find solutions.

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Systematic steps for a great future

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In the same vein, the creation of a corpus of Rs 1 crore begins with a single investment. One crore is a large number. But when you have time on your hands and you invest regularly, you can surely achieve this goal. Let’s find out how you can pave the way for a great future one step at a time.

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3 Traits You Need To Start a Successful Online Business

With the rapid expansion of the internet and new technologies such as smartphones, apps and WiFi, there are new online businesses starting every year. Whether it’s another ecommerce site selling consumer goods or apparel, or a groundbreaking idea like Facebook or Google, building businesses within the online space takes great determination and innovation in order to succeed. And with 69 percent of small businesses starting at home, according to Small Biz Trends, succeeding in such a highly saturated market can be difficult. So what traits should you possess to ensure your business thrives? Let’s take a look:

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Can A Life Coach Help You With Your Finances

It is a quite common cliche that women are notoriously irresponsible managing money. But Beth Hurns, a financial life coach is looking to change that with a new book that is dedicated to helping women become more empowered with managing their money.

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